Cantonese Collquial

Cantonese has been a major language for a long period of time. Hong Kong’s variant of Cantonese, on the other hand, it contains cultural and historical features indigenous to Hong Kong. Recently, there has been a lot of conflict between Hong Kong and Mainland China on the language. The choice between Cantonese and Mandarin has become a political battlefield. With the increasing use of Mandarin as a medium of instruction in education and increasing number of mandarin speakers in Hong Kong, Cantonese is becoming marginalised in many domains and it has already a danger signal. Hong Kong’s Cantonese native speakers are not challenging other languages, but simply seeking respect for our language culture and identity.

The design direction is to promote Cantonese culture. Cantonese in Hong Kong has it own regional variation which is unique and culturally-rich. It is an interesting indigenous language culture that is worth spreading. This part of the project uses local Cantonese colloquial expressions rendered in unique lettering styles for promotional items.

Honors & Awards
Kan Tai-Keung Design award 2015 — Out-standing award
Outstanding Chinese Character Design Exhibition 2015