Cantonese survival guide

Cantonese has been a major language for a long period of time. Hong Kong’s variant of Cantonese, on the other hand, it contains cultural and historical features indigenous to Hong Kong. Recently, there has been a lot of conflict between Hong Kong and Mainland China on the language. The choice between Cantonese and Mandarin has become a political battlefield. With the increasing use of Mandarin as a medium of instruction in education and increasing number of mandarin speakers in Hong Kong, Cantonese is becoming marginalised in many domains and it has already a danger signal. Hong Kong’s Cantonese native speakers are not challenging other languages, but simply seeking respect for our language culture and identity.

The design direction of this project is designing a booklet encourages non-native speakers learn to speak simple Cantonese when visiting Hong Kong. This language-learning book has been designed for every day situations. With the use of lighthearted illustrations’ the deconstruction of sentence structures into understandable ‘equation’, as well as a tighter integration of form, pronunciation and meaning. it aims to make learning Cantonese easy and fun for non-native speakers.

Honors & Awards
Red Dot award 2015
Kan Tai-Keung Design award 2015 — Out-standing award